Grow On Us Why

Our Values


We understand that we are liberated in oneness, energised by compassion and detached from discrimination.

The 7Cs Group is a community-minded company with an enhanced public consciousness about the role of business, cultivating and maintaining ethical practices in society and in the natural environment. We urge our team members to think beyond their job description and to make it matter in their communities.


We honour our intuition, are aware of the bigger picture and honest to our chosen path.

We are fiercely loyal to our clients and are committed to creating value for them through a combination of service excellence and timely delivery. We believe that employees going above-and-beyond their job description to help a client or associate not only benefits the bottom-line but also creates better communication across the business.


We are steadfast in our world. We communicate our truth and are guided by our ethics.

Being free of contradictions in our principles and practices is important to being ethical and effective as a business. We believe that consistency implies corporate integrity to our customers and internal harmony within the organisation. Hence, we aim to unfailingly deliver optimum value to our customers every single time, regardless of external conditions.


We love to connect and share. We revel in our partnerships.

At 7Cs, we nurture a culture where individuals work together to achieve a common goal. Our collaborations are not limited to the internal operations of 7Cs. We prefer to see our customers as partners with whom we collaborate to progress toward a mutually gratifying goal.

Customer Service

We are motivated to serve, empowered by our self and are driven to perform.

Good customer service is all about ensuring repeat customers. Being informed, courteous and willing to go an extra mile to serve, is essential for good customer care. At 7Cs we follow a 'customer first' approach and strive to create long term value for customers by being responsive to their needs and requirements.


We feel blissfully alive, impelled to create and inspired by our uniqueness.

Innovation, besides being a means to creating economic value, also creates an emotional value. That is why we foster an environment that encourages independent thinking. This conscious effort to innovate and think 'out of the box' shines through in all that we do and sets us apart from our peers.


We are grounded to the earth, secure in our existence and confident in our purpose.Credibility stems from a proven track record of delivering superior quality services in a timely manner.

We believe that credibility of a business is directly proportional to its worth and so we lay great emphasis on exceeding our customers expectation and over-delivering on our promises.