As an equal opportunity employer, 7Cs believes in continuously investing in its human capital and encourages a culture of growth through a combination of internal and external initiatives.

Job enrichment

Structured internal mobility is a part of career progression at 7Cs. Internal resources are evaluated before new inductees are hired at senior positions.

Employee engagement

'Tell Me' is a grievance redressal forum held every quarter to deal with queries, unresolved issues – both personal and professional, and any imminent problems that the employees face.

'Interface' is a knowledge sharing initiative aimed at bridging the gap between the group verticals and facilitating cross-functional and cross-divisional transfer of knowledge within the 7Cs Group, encouraging new ideas and internal collaboration.

Annual painting competitions are held for the employees’ children. "Employees' day out" and sports tournaments are some of the other activities held every year for the benefit of the employees.

Grow with us

If you are interested in a career with the 7Cs Group, please mail us your resume indicating your preferred role at