Green Bridge - 3D Panel

Jehan Green Walls, a part of Green Bridge, commenced operation in 2009 by setting up a factory to manufacture 3D panels in Al Hamariya Free Zone in Sharjah, with an installed capacity of 1.5 million sq. mt. per annum. 

These panels comprise of a fire-retardant polystyrene core with a galvanised steel mesh covering either side, connected through the core by diagonal truss wires. The panels are the building blocks of reinforced insulated walls and roof slabs and form the basis of the high-tech solutions offered by Jehan Green Walls. 

Using the ‘shotcrete’ system of construction, the 3D panels are erected as walls and slabs before being sprayed with concrete, to form the structure of the building.

Apart from being a sustainable form of construction, the 3D panels also offer various practical benefits to the contractors, as they are easier to transport and install, thereby reducing manpower and construction time. Their excellent insulation leads to lesser consumption of electricity, offering up to 20% energy savings.

Why Grow on Us

  • Environment friendly construction
  • Lightweight, hence easier to transport and install
  • Energy efficient, offering up to 20% energy saving
  • Cost effective due to reduced manpower and construction time

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