Global Green Bridge FZC

3D Panels

Global Green Bridge FZC, part of Global Green Bridge, offers self-supporting unique alternative structural systems and infill walls, replacing the conventional block work in framed structures. These 3D panels are manufactured at a factory with production capacity of 1.5 million square meters per annum in Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah.

Innovating for sustainable construction, the 3D panels provide excellent insulation, leads to lesser consumption of electricity, thereby offering savings. The panels offer various practical and logistical benefits as they are easier to transport and install.


We manufacture and supply welded wire mesh from 2.0mm to 6.0mm up to 3 mm width, starting from 25X25 mm opening, to suit your customized requirements. It is available in MS, GI & SS and is widely used as electrical cable trays and for shelving trays in the industry.


We offer light weight steel fabrication such as construction plot fencing, gas cylinder storage cages, construction site signage structures, hand rails and chequered plate for substation channel covers.


Coir Compost is a unique product, promoted by us, which consumes significantly lesser water compared to standard soil and is an alternative for cultivation soil. Coir pith is cost effective and capable of keeping your plants healthy even in arid climes. We also supply planter pots and have over a hundred varieties of indoor plant and 50 varieties of outdoor plants.

Why grow on us

• One-stop ‘Green Solutions’ construction material company

• Energy efficient and environment-friendly construction

• Low manpower requirement and faster construction

• Our solutions are ideal for volumetric construction and easy for MEP works

Why Grow on Us

  • Environment friendly construction
  • Lightweight, hence easier to transport and install
  • Energy efficient, offering up to 20% energy saving
  • Cost effective due to reduced manpower and construction time

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