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55FIFTY7 - The Diamond Studio was a dream intellectualised by Dr. Harshad Mehta. This dream was eventually brought to life by Rihen Mehta and Ms. Maryam Hassani, graduate gemologist and interior designer. 55FIFTY7 strives to provide an invigorating environment to guest designers so that they can conceptualise and create their own unique jewellery, guided by our award winning design team and qualified jewellery professionals.  

At 55FIFTY7, we help enrich the knowledge of our guest designers through seminars, workshops, and talks by visiting speakers and specialists. Another feature of 55FIFTY7 is the 55FIFTY7 Incubator. It is an innovation in the jewellery industry, conceptualised by Ms. Maryam Hassani, which is unique to the MENA region. Here, emerging jewellery designers can use the facilities of the studio to conceive and create their designs, thereby contributing to the progress of the jewellery industry as a whole and help it flourish in the MENA region.

Why Grow on Us

  • Expertise in diamond jewellery
  • Experienced and established in the UAE
  • In-house design and manufacturing facility
  • Ability to procure any type of precious stone
  • Unique and innovative concept of the Incubator

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