Our Story

We believe that the true worth of success is measured by the way it is taken forward, to benefit all whose lives it touches.

Backed by several decades of cumulative industry experience and fuelled by the principles of creation, teamwork and community enrichment, we are committed to the idea of enabling growth – both for business as well as the society.

From its founding in 2003 by Dr. Harshad Mehta as a company focused on the luxury industry, today the 7Cs Group is a well-diversified group that is not only the leading diamond suppliers in the Middle-East region, but also has a robust portfolio spanning 14 business verticals. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, the 7Cs Group employs more than 1,800 personnel of over 23 different nationalities.


We aim to facilitate growth for all stakeholders and continue building mutually beneficial, lasting partnerships. Our ambitious and visionary leadership ensures that we keep exploring new frontiers and achieving new victories, thereby facilitating growth for the entire 7Cs family and its partners.


We are dedicated to offering a reliable platform that nurtures innovation, rewards excellence and creates value for stakeholders, as well as the community.

Our Philosophy
"Grow on us"

The philosophy of the 7Cs Group is the empowering message - Grow on us. Herein, 'grow' represent the future and 'on' represent the stability of a strong platform established on firm morals. The word 'us' encompasses 'u' for uniqueness, because dynamic creativity is at the core of any initiative and every organization should have a culture of innovation. The 's' in 'us' represents 'service', stressing upon the need to focus on customer satisfaction and delight by offering world-class services.

The 7Cs Group provides a platform for growth for various businesses, thereby impacting society and its people through economic development. The diversity of the Group emanates from its belief in nurturing ideas, ambitions and letting each individual discover their potential and develop their own identity.

Our Journey

  • 1999

    The Group’s promoters set up a representative office in Dubai
  • 2002

    The very first employee in the Middle East region is hired
  • 2003

    7Cs founder, Dr. Harshad Mehta, relocates to Dubai
  • 2004

    The company sets up its Polished Diamond trading division
  • 2005

    The Gold Souk office is set up as Rosy Blue Trading LLC
  • 2006

    The Group’s branded diamond jewellery and gold mounting businesses are formed
  • 2007

    Rough diamond trading commences. The company launches new jewellery brands. The Group wins the prestigious DTC award for Best Design 2007
  • 2008

    The Group ventures into the construction and real estate sectors. The company begins supporting Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation. Sky Track Investment is incorporated as a Family Office
  • 2009

    The Group acquires a stake in Roopam Gold & Jewellery. The company sets up a 3D panel factory, in the construction materials segment
  • 2010

    The company enters the jewellery retailing segment. Construction division begins operations
  • 2011

    The Group launches the first Hueb store. The company begins investing in the real estate sector
  • 2012

    Soft touch jewellery is acquired and rebranded Jewel Corner
  • 2013

    The Arabic jewellery collection – Fatina is launched
  • 2014

    The Group is renamed the “7Cs Group” and demerged from Rosy Blue. The 7Cs logo is launched. The Group’s construction division is rebranded “Green Bridge”. The construction division receives the G+unlimited license. Hueb opens its flagship store on Madison Avenue, New York. The 7Cs Group acquires shares in Fishtree Advertising
  • 2015

    The 7Cs Group - Construction Material is launched. E-commerce platform for Jewel Corner is set up. Hueb store opens in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • 2016

    55FIFTY7 set up its studio in D3