Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand that we are liberated in oneness, energised by compassion and detached from discrimination.
The 7Cs Group is a community-minded company with an increased public consciousness about the role of business in cultivating and maintaining ethical practices in society and in the natural environment. We urge our team members to think beyond their job description and to make it matter in their communities.


We honour our intuition, are aware of the bigger picture and honest to our chosen path.
We are fiercely loyal to our clients and are committed to creating value for them through a combination of service excellence and timely delivery. We believe employees going above and beyond their job descriptions to help a client or associate not only benefits the bottom-line but also results in better communication across the business.


We are steadfast in our word. We communicate our truth and are guided forever by our ethics.
Being free of contradictions in our principles and practices is important to being ethical and effective as a business. We believe that consistency implies corporate integrity to our customers and internal harmony within the organisation. Hence, we aim to unfailingly deliver optimum value to our customers every single time, regardless of external conditions.


We love to connect and share. We revel in our partnerships.
At 7Cs, we nurture a culture where individuals work together to achieve a common goal. Our collaborations are not limited to the internal operations of 7Cs. We prefer to see our customers as our partners with whom we collaborate to progress towards a mutually gratifying goal.

Customer Service

We are motivated to serve, empowered by our self, and are driven to perform.
Good customer service is all about ensuring repeat customers. Being informed, courteous and willing to go an extra mile to serve is essential for good customer care. At 7Cs, we follow a ‘customer first’ approach and strive to create long-term value for customers by being responsive to their needs and requirements.


We feel blissfully alive, impelled to create and inspired by our uniqueness.
Innovation, besides being a means to creating economic value, also creates an emotional value. That is why we foster an environment that encourages independent thinking. This conscious effort to innovate and think ‘out of the box’ shines through in all that we do and sets us apart from our peers.


We are grounded to the earth, secure in our existence and confident in our purpose.
Credibility stems from a proven track record of delivering superior quality services in a timely manner. We believe that the credibility of a business is directly proportional to its worth and so we lay great emphasis on exceeding our customers’ expectations and over delivering on our promises.

We believe that the true worth of success is measured by the way it is paid forward. Backed by several decades of cumulative industry experience and fuelled by principles like value creation, teamwork and community enrichment, we are committed to the idea of enabling growth – both for businesses as well as the community.

Founded in 2003 by Mr. Harshad Mehta, the 7Cs Group began as a company focused on the luxury industry. Today, we are not only the leading diamond supplier in the Middle-East region but also have a robust portfolio that spans 14 business verticals. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, the 7Cs Group employs more than 1,000 people from over 20 different nationalities.

Vision: We aim to facilitate growth for all stakeholders and continue building mutually beneficial, lasting partnerships. Our ambitious and visionary leadership ensures that we keep exploring new frontiers and achieving new victories, thereby facilitating growth for the entire 7Cs family and its partners.

Purpose: We are dedicated to offering a reliable platform that nurtures innovation, rewards excellence and creates value for the stakeholders as well as the community.

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Mr. Harshad Mehta – Founder
Mr. Harshad Mehta has over 50 years of global experience in the diamond industry and is recognised as one of the authorities in the diamond business.

An ex-Vice Chairman of Dubai Diamond Exchange, Mr. Mehta has been consistently voted among the top 20 Powerful Indians in the Gulf region and is well known for his humanitarian efforts and support of non-profit foundations like the Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation.

Mr. Rihen Mehta – Chairman
Mr. Rihen Mehta is a young visionary with a penchant for creating businesses that deliver consistent results.

With over 10 years of experience in the diamond industry, he brings to the table innovative ideas and strategies to keep pace with a growing and challenging market.

He was honored with the title of ‘Young Achievers in Business in the UAE’ by Xponent Media in recognition of his contribution to the growth of business in the country.

Dr. Juma Al Matrooshi – Director
Dr. Matrooshi has held many key positions in government organisations such as the Department of Economic Development, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Civil Aviation, to name a few.

He is currently the Executive Vice President of Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, and serves on its board.

He also serves on various other boards and committees such as the Dubai Tourism & Commerce Board; the Agency Committee in the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Trade; UAE Banking Institute; Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA), and the Department of Economic Development.

Mr. Fahad Mohammad Mir Hashem Khoory – Director
Mr. Fahad Mohammad Mir Hashem Khoory has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Accounting from the Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai.

In 1994, prior to his graduation, Mr. Khoory began his training to manage diverse businesses in his family establishment.

After completing his degree, he joined the Dubai Civil Aviation Finance Team.

Mr. Fahad now leads over 20 companies, including firms in the trading, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, transportation, technical consulting, and food & beverages sectors.

Mr. BS Vadivelu – CEO, Jewellery & Construction
With over 15 years of international experience in senior level financial and business capacities, Mr. Vadivelu is known for regulating industry controls, cost reduction, management and optimisation, safeguarding assets and ensuring adherence to best practices.

He employs a hands-on approach towards problem solving and is a strategic thinker who specialises in building high-performance, result-oriented organisations.

Mr. Keshav PT – CEO, Investments
With over 25 years in management and consulting in diverse industries, Mr.Keshav heads the investment arm of the 7Cs Group. He is focused on the real estate, banking and hospitality sectors.

His diverse background allows him to look at situations differently; covering all aspects of the business, thus maximising returns for the Group.

He is also a key member in ensuring that the Group’s philosophy is followed throughout the company.

Mr. MK Moorthi – Associate Vice President, HR & Admin
A senior professional with over 25 years in manufacturing, operations, supply chain management and human resource management, Mr. Moorthi is responsible for creating a high-performance work environment within the 7Cs Group.

A skillful architect in framing human resource development systems, he also drives them with great conviction and commitment.

He manages and develops key talent within the organisation through coaching and mentoring, thereby creating strong successions within the organisation.

Mr. Murtuza Officewala – General Manager Banking & Legal
Sixteen years in banking and legal sector affords Mr. Murtuza Officewala a vast knowledge of the practices in these sectors, nationally and internationally.

Advisor to the management on legal issues, he enables smooth functioning of business at 7Cs and helps uphold its high ethical standards.

He also manages the global compliance mandates for the Group in terms of adherence to Best Practice Principles (BPP) and Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

The 7Cs Group has achieved RJC certification under his supervision.

Mr. Thirupathy Rao – Associate Vice President, Finance
Mr. Thirupathy Rao has over 20 years of expertise in accounts, finance, internal control, taxation, compliance, commercial and other general management functions.

Having worked with international names like M/s Vedanta Resources Plc, UK – a metals and mining company, and M/s Barrick Gold, Tanzania – one of the largest gold mining companies in the world, he has successfully added a new dimension to the finance team.

Mrs. Deepika Mehta – Director, Corporate Affairs
Mrs. Deepika Mehta (wife of Mr. Rihen Mehta – Chairman, 7Cs Group) lives by the tenets of striving for excellence and always maintains a forward looking approach.

Her love for design led her to secure a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication and explore the world of design.

She is actively involved in the corporate social responsibility and public relations initiatives of the company, while also supporting Mr. Rihen Mehta in all his business endeavours.

  • Plain Gold
  • Hueb
  • Jewel Corner
  • 3D panels
  • Turnkey Construction

The 7Cs rough diamonds division was started in 2007. It undertakes sourcing of diamonds from mines as well as fine assortment for processing and manufacturing. With over 30 years of experience in managing diamond cutting factories across the globe, the team has a keen understanding of manufacturing requirements and perfects the assortments accordingly. The division also offers tailor-made products.

The 7Cs rough diamonds division works under a self-regulatory mechanism which monitors and ensures compliance within the spirit of law and ethical business practices and creates a synergy between miners and diamond cutting factories.

Why grow on us

  • Veteran market knowledge in rough diamonds
  • Strong assortment capability
  • Vast customer base
  • Reliable suppliers
  • Sound manufacturing expertise


  • Plain Gold

The 7Cs polished diamond division began over a decade ago and today is considered the leading diamond supplier in the region. Along with a robust supply chain that enables timely delivery, the division also possesses the capacity for big volume supply. With a highly experienced quality control team in place, every last diamond undergoes rigorous scrutiny before being delivered to the client.

The team is also well equipped to check chemical vapour deposited (CVD) goods and provide assistance in various regional languages. With supplier collaborations already spanning the globe, the division soon plans to expand its sales operations to jewellery manufacturing hubs like Hong Kong and Thailand.

The division works under a self-regulatory mechanism which monitors and ensures compliance within the spirit of law and ethical business practices.

Why grow on us

  • Strong supplier base and capacity for big volume supply
  • Minimum lead time to process orders
  • Strong IT infrastructure
  • Well equipped to check CVD goods
  • Qualified team to handle customers from different regions and languages


  • Plain Gold

The 7Cs jewellery division was set up in the year 2006. Over the years, the segment has grown exponentially and established several strategic international manufacturing alliances. With sound creative knowledge and cutting edge technology, the jewellery division creates innovative collections to serve leading retail clients in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

With a team of award winning designers and professional merchandisers based in Dubai, the 7Cs jewellery division has a keen understanding of regional trends and customer needs. The team works closely with jewellery retailers to understand their requirement, share market information and provide analytical support to deliver tailor-made solutions.

The division is well equipped to handle a diverse set of consignments ranging from committed sales to make to order (MTO) and also provides assistance in inventory optimisation and merchandising.

Why grow on us

  • Strong design capabilities in Arabic, Asian and classic European segments
  • Ability to scale up production capacity with tie-ups
  • Capability to manage job work at different manufacturing locations
  • Design bank available on enterprise resource planning (ERP) and iPad applications
  • In house computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) machine in Mumbai, Bangkok and Dubai.


  • Plain Gold

The 7Cs gold mounting division was set up by the Group in the year 2006. With a decade’s worth of experience in the industry, the division excels at supplying unique designs of gold mounting to diamond jewellery retailers and local distributors.

In order to keep up with the changing jewellery trends and cater to new design requirements, the supply chain team constantly updates its vendor base, both locally as well as internationally. The innovative and superior quality designs coupled with short lead times has helped the 7Cs gold mounting business become one of the market leaders in the UAE.

Going forward, the Group plans to expand this division beyond the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Why grow on us

  • International market requirements serviced
  • New designs offered frequently
  • Tie-ups with international vendors
  • Ability to customise as per customer requirements
  • Plan to expand business beyond the MENA region


  • Plain Gold

Plain Gold was acquired by the 7Cs Group in the year 2009. 7Cs Gold business spans the entire UAE market and also some parts of the Middle East, Singapore and USA. Currently focused on gold jewellery of 22 karat, the company plans to expand its product line to include gold chains and gold sets with an aim to becoming a one stop shop for retailers.

Why grow on us

  • Diverse product range
  • Vast customer base
  • Doorstep delivery within the UAE
  • Prompt payment to suppliers despite volatile market conditions
  • Excellent communication and coordination with customers and suppliers



The Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation is a tax exempt, registered non-profit service organisation dedicated to education and village development in rural India.

Ekal’s philosophy is to take a holistic approach to social and economic development.

The Ekal movement is the largest, grassroots, non-government education movement in India.

Presently, it operates in over 57,502 villages and educates over 16,21,396 children in rural India.

Mr. Harshad Mehta is the chairman of Ekal UAE Support Group.
To know more, visit:

Alpha Pain Clinic is a charitable palliative care hospital with three centers in Kerala.

The NGO plans to extend its services to the poor and underprivileged classes of Mumbai as well.

Palliative Care aims to give the best quality of care and support to patients with life limiting diseases and to their families

It offers ‘total active care’ at the home of the patients with the help of doctors, medical staff and volunteers, offering a holistic approach of physical, socio-economic, emotional and spiritual care so that the patients live best quality life till the very end.

Mr. Harshad Mehta is the patron of Alpha Palliative Care.
To know more, visit:

The main activities of Project Life are focused on rural Gujarat and include

  • Blood bank center
  • Thalassemia prevention and control
  • Greenfield – environmental intervention
  • Rural education infrastructure development
  • Excellence in education
  • Science of living through yoga
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Housing in tribal areas

The rural education infrastructure development division played a major role in reconstructing schools in Kutch, Gujarat after the devastating earthquake of 2001.

The excellence in education division has built 51 schools till date.

Mr. Harshad Mehta is the Chairman of Project Life.
To know more, visit:

The scope of work of the Navjyoti India Foundation covers a wide spectrum of developmental issues like formal and non-formal education for children, women and youth, vocational training, micro credit, community participation, healthcare, environment and family counseling.

To know more, visit:

Action Care, based in the UAE, supports a diverse range of educational development and aid projects both in the UAE and throughout the region.

These include volunteer empowerment; early childhood development; women’s empowerment; library construction; schools for children with special needs; youth leadership and vocational training; IT lab setup; animation programs; aid distribution; medical camps; upliftment for underprivileged and refugee children; etc.

Action Care projects cover Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria and Turkey.

To know more, visit:

Gandhi Bhavan International Trust is a charitable trust set up for medical and educational purposes.

Founded in 2005, Gandhi Bhavan is a total life care centre, situated in Kollam district of Kerala, India.

Gandhi Bhavan provides shelter, food, medical and educational support to over 1,000 inmates.

Gandhi Bhavan inmates are a blend of infants, youths, and middle aged and elderly people from both genders.

To know more, visit:

Vidya International Charitable Trust was set up in December 2000. It was registered with the objective of promoting education amongst the backward classes and the public in general. Likeminded, non-resident Keralites from all over the world joined hands and contributed generously to the cause.

Today, Vidya’s membership stands at over 1,000 people.

This forum is a voluntary organisation, supported by the Embassy of India, UAE; professionals; businessmen and philanthropists in the UAE.

They work with school children, conducting several annual programs like knowledge fairs, visits to scientific institutions, science paper presentations, quiz competitions, etc. with the objective of encouraging children to take up science as a career.

To know more, visit:

The 7Cs Group also supports various other projects like the Rotary International, Bill Gates Melinda Foundation, British Asian Trust and many other organisations in the field of education, women’s empowerment and livelihood.

The 7Cs Group also holds health and blood donation camps on a regular basis.

As an equal opportunity employer, 7Cs believes in continuously investing in its human capital and encourages a culture of growth through a combination of internal and external initiatives.

Head Office

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